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What is a Ski Bike?

The rad child of Skiing and Mountain Biking

Ski Biking is the next revolution in winter mountain gravity sports and Idaho Ski Bikes is your partner in unlocking this new level of enjoyment.

Stay tuned to this site for information on Ski Biking in Idaho for 2023 and beyond.

We are your one stop shop for Sales and Rentals, but also Ride Alongs allowing you to fully enjoy this safe and exhilarating new way to carve up a mountain.

Rentals & Ride Alongs

Skip the frustration

Ski Bikes can be anything from the raddest rippinest thrash down the mountain to the most relaxing and luxurious glide traversing the slopes. The experience is up to the rider. Anybody that is able to lift the bike onto the ski lift has the ability to learn to ride a ski bike! As with any new activity the first few attempts can be pretty frustrating. To maximize your experience and minimize your learning curve, consider having a ride along your first outing! With just a few hours of following a helpful guide should get you finding your edges, turning, and stopping properly so you'll be ready to explore the mountain. Even the most experienced skiers and snowboarders could use a few tips to get started so they can skip the frustration of learning on their own. And what's better than exploring a new activity with a guided tour showing you the mountain via a Ski Bike?

Idaho Ski Bikes requires a security and damage deposit on all rentals. For easy transfer of funds back and forth we prefer either cash or VENMO as neither of these have fees attached. If you would like to use a credit card, there will be a processing fee added on.

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The Bikes

The #1 Ski Bike brand!

SkiByk SB100

#1 selling Ski Bike year after year

There are a few simple reasons why SkiByk continues to be best ski bike option available. The mixture of Price, Performance, Quality, and Customer Service! The SB100 is the #1 choice of rental operations. why? Because it is an incredibly well-built riding machine. The SB100 delivers on its commitment to performance as well as quality, but more importantly the company SkiByk stands behind their products. From the perfect frame geometry to the standard equiped skis with SkiBike specific sidecut radius. The special lateral and torsion flex characteristics of our standard skis combined with the full-suspension ride all combine to make a SkiBike that is truly a carving and riding machine WITH NO LIMITS!

Own it for $1,274.00
(Includes $85.00 shipping and free setup)
Rent it for $99.00 per day

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SkiByk SB200


Becoming the fastest selling Ski Bike on the market, the SB200 takes everything from the SB100 but ups the game with a fantastic flat black paint job and a leveled up front fork giving the SB200 full air, high/low compression and rebound for both the front and rear suspension! The SB200 can take anything you throw at it and ask for more. This is a pure shred machine built to send it!

Own it for $1,634.00
(Includes $85.00 shipping and free setup)
Not available for Rental

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Services and Options

We are here to help

Rent before you buy

You've had a lesson and are signed off to ride on your own? Great! Grab one of our bikes and go shred the mountain.

SB100 $99.00 full day rental

Rent It

We can transport your rental Ski Bike to the slopes and meet you for a $99.00 delivery fee.

Own It!

It's time to own your own Ski Bike! Choose between the #1 Selling SB100 in eye catching yellow or the upgraded SB200 with the 160mm front fork and mean looking flat black color.

If you are near Meridian Idaho, drop into Kore Bicycles and check out the SB100 on the showroom floor.

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Delivery Service

Delivery of your rental ski bike to Bogus Basin and Tamarack Resort may be available depending on scheduling. If available, a delivery charge of $99.00 will be added to your bill.

Learning is key

To maximize and expedite your enjoyment we high encourage following around an experienced ski biker to show you the ropes on your first outing. While learning to ride a ski bike is easier than learning to ski or snowboard, without guidance your day may be filled with frustration more than fun. Schedule a ride along and you'll have an adventure that lasts for hours with a fellow ski biker.

$299.00 Ride Along includes:
  • Ski Bike Rental, Included ($99.00 value)
  • Ski Bike Delivery, Included ($99.00 value)
  • 3-4 Hour Guided Tour starting with your skill level and working you slowly toward full mountain fun, Included ($200.00 value - and making new friends is priceless)

Bring your friends!

Take a group ride with your friends and enjoy a discount of $50 per person!

We will meet your group up on the mountain with your included rental bikes in tow. We start with a skills assesment to get everyone ripping as fast as possible. Enjoy the mountain with your friends and have one of the best days of your life. Group Rides typically last 5-6 hours or until your group calls it quits. Rental and transport of the Ski Bikes are included!

Book It!

Rent to Own!

Want to ride now but can't afford to purchase your own yet?

Join our Rent-to-Own program and after 10 sessions at $180, you get to keep your SB100 SkiByk!


We've got the answers!

Is Ski Biking hard to learn?

Most people find that ski biking has a much shorter learning curve than skiing or snowboarding. You will likely be able to do green slopes on your first day.

Who can ride?

Anyone who is physically able. As long as you can lift the bike onto the resort chair lifts, you can ride.

Where can I ride a Ski Bike?

Currently all Idaho resorts allow ski biking. Our rentals are only allowed to be ridden in ski resorts, no sledding hills or back country skiing is allowed due to high probability of damage to the equipment. Be sure to contact your ski area to be sure what rules apply to ski bikes. Check out American SkiBike Association to get information on individual ski resorts.

How do you get on/off a lift?

Pretty easily actually. Stand next to the bike while waiting for the chair to get to you, one hand on the upper frame and the other on the handlebar grip. As you sit down on the chairlift the lift seat will sweep under the bike seat. Once the bike's back ski clears the snow, lift the bike into an upright vertical position onto the chairlift seat right beside you. The ski bike seat will be on the chairlift seat, and then hold the bike against your body to keep it secure in the vertical position. To get off the lift, it’s the opposite. Keep the bike vertical until you are ready to step off the lift, and as you stand up, bring the bike skis down to the ground and walk/jog off. As you get better, you can hop on the bike and ride off.

How do you stop or slow down?

Very similar to skiing and snowboarding. Once you understand your edges and with some practice, you will be able to carve, drift, and hockey stop your bike just like on skis and snowboards.

What do I need to wear?

Basically just clothes to keep you warm and dry. Your basic ski jacket and ski pants/bibs are pretty standard. Your glove choice depends on the weather, but they should be gloves or mittens that allow you to grip the handle bars firmly. Your footwear can be anything that keeps your feet warm and dry. Many avid Ski Bikers choose snowboard boots because they are comfortable and have a nice ridged sole to provide good support when sending it off jumps, but any warm and dry boot will do. Idaho Ski Bikes recommends wearing a helmet. We often see motocross/bmx full face race helmets being used, but any ski or snowboarding helmet is just fine. For your first go, just be warm, dry and comfortable.

Do I need a lesson to rent a Ski Bike?

We want to make sure you enjoy your rental and your time on the mountain. We strongly recommend taking advantage of a ride along on your first outing. Going about it on your own will likely result in frustration setting in early and your enjoyment will simply never come. Scheduling a ride along has many benefits. First, your rental is included! Second, we transport the bike for you! Third, your guide will cut your learning curve down to a minimum and have you hitting the mountain within your ability and act as your tour guide and show you drills ensuring you progress and have a great time.

How do you transport the bike?

Many vehicle bike racks can accommodate the ski bikes with some extra straps. A truck or larger SUV is also nice. If you choose to put the bikes inside a vehicle, be aware that the skis are very sharp and can damage your interior. Please take steps to protect your interior. Idaho Ski Bikes will not be responsible for damage to your vehicle.

I have an injury, can I ride a ski bike?

We are not doctors, and as with any sport, it can be as extreme as you make it. Many people with physical limitations have reported that they can ski bike as it is not as taxing on their physical ailments. As always, it is up to the rider to determine, with their doctor, if any activity will be safe for them. But ski biking is easy to learn, and easy on the body.


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